A Moving Eulerian-Lagrangian Particle Method for
Thin Film and Foam Simulation


Yitong Deng, Mengdi Wang, Xiangxin Kong, Shiying Xiong, Zangyueyang Xian, and Bo Zhu

Dartmouth College, Visual Computing Lab

We present the Moving Eulerian-Lagrangian Particles (MELP), a novel mesh-free method for simulating incompressible fluid on thin films and foams. Employing a bi-layer particle structure, MELP jointly simulates detailed, vigorous flow and large surface deformation at high stability and efficiency. In addition, we design multi-MELP: a mechanism that facilitates the physically-based interaction between multiple MELP systems, to simulate bubble clusters and foams with non-manifold topological evolution. We showcase the efficacy of our method with a broad range of challenging thin film phenomena, including the Rayleigh-Taylor instability across double-bubbles, foam fragmentation with rim surface tension, recovery of the Plateau borders, Newton black films, as well as cyclones on bubble clusters.


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